While I was writing RARE EARTH, I shared it chapter by chapter with a small group of close friends and family members across several different states.

It was an exciting process for all of us.  I had the benefit of instant feedback and encouragement as the story progressed, while each of the readers told me they loved the anticipation and adventure of being part of the story as it was unfolding.  Often, after I had emailed a newly completed chapter to readers, I would get phone calls from them telling me to “get back to work” because they couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.  They also provided important suggestions.

It was a delightful and rewarding creative process; all of us were involved, and all of us were contributing.

This is the spirit we hope to share with you by launching RARE EARTH on this website.  As a performance storyteller for most of my adult life, I have always loved sharing live stories with audiences who are right there to respond.  While we are not quite face-to-face this time, the website does allow us to bring this story to you literally days after the final edits have been completed.

All of the early readers of RARE EARTH either read the book on their computers, or by printing it out a chapter or two at a time.  By providing you a PDF of the novel, we offer you a similar experience.  We also invite you to read the book aloud with family and friends if you wish, to create your own live performance of the story.

Eventually, we hope to publish RARE EARTH in a paperback edition, as well as in e-book and audio book formats.

For now, however, we are proud and excited to share the novel with you this way – still warm, still fresh, and ready for winter reading.

We hope you enjoy it, and we welcome you to our expanding circle of first readers of RARE EARTH.

As with any live audience, we invite your responses

Mac Parker

January 20, 2012



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