We are receiving enthusiastic responses from readers who have bought and read RARE EARTH.

        I’d like to share two that just came in:

“I had never read a novel on my computer, but I read RARE EARTH in about three sittings.  I carried my laptop with me everywhere I went, and I found myself resenting all the things in my life that pulled me away from this story…

 “After all you’ve been through, I was amazed and delighted to find RARE EARTH a “meditation” on love.  Though concerned with emotional and mental turmoil and conflict you never settled on bitterness or anger.  Watching you quiet all that “chatter” was a treat.  And the stillness you evoke throughout the novel – in characters, in the mountain, in God’s grace – infuse it with light.  Bravo.”
~ L. B. – Colorado

“Thank you for your story, Mac.  It is a shining model for high quality relationship:  relationship between men and women, relationships with ourselves, with our friends and neighbors as well as our adversaries; a role model of relationship for family, different generations in families, and a role model for relationship to the land and with nature itself.

“As soon as I finished RARE EARTH – no, actually before I even finished it – I longed for it to be a movie; the story seems so visually appealing the scenes are almost story-boarded in my imagination and the goodness of the love present throughout it feels like something folks hunger for in these disconnected, over-informed, crazy times, say nothing of the great adventure with the good guys/other guys…Keep me in mind if you want some volunteer help should that come around.

“Anyway, enough gushing, but no lie Mac, I loved the story – it brought me tears, laughter, pleasure, hope, and inspiration…”
 ~ Cliff Adams – Vermont

        Thank you both for writing, and to many others who have been in touch and shared your excitement, as well.  After the intense and mostly solitary experience of writing RARE EARTH, I love to hear your responses, so please feel free to contact me here

Mac Parker



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