Two book groups have expressed interest in reading and discussing RARE EARTH. One asked if I would join them for the discussion, which I would be happy to do.

     Are you part of a book group, or do you know of one in your area?  If so, would you consider proposing RARE EARTH as a possible book selection?  

I would enjoy coming to be part of the discussion if your meeting is within reasonable driving distance and your group would like to have me there.

     Or, if you don’t have a book group already, would you consider organizing a reading and discussion for a group of friends in your living room, library, or other suitable space?  I might even dust off a few of my old stories for the event…

      You can reach me through the Contact page on this site.

     We continue to receive nice comments from readers.  Here's one that just came in:

     “I was riveted by your story and the spiritual content was so nurturing and hopeful…  RARE EARTH is a treat to read. This is the first book I've read on line and I'm hooked!” --Gail Holmes, Vermont

     We are also looking into the best ways to publish RARE EARTH in a print edition.  I have query letters out to three literary agents to explore the potential for mainstream publication.  If you know an agent who might be interested in the book, and the trilogy it begins, please let me know.  Simultaneously, we are exploring self-publishing and print-on-demand options for those who want a “hold in my hands” copy of the book right away.

     For the moment, we encourage you to try out the PDF edition available here.  We are getting enthusiastic reports of the experience, even from some who were initially hesitant to try reading this way.

     We will keep you posted on developments, and appreciate your input.
     Thanks to those of you who have purchased the book and the video downloads so far, and WELCOME to those of you visiting for the first time…

Mac Parker

March 12, 2012

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