Statement from Mac



     I have made serious mistakes, and I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused.

     I entered into a partnership agreement with someone I trusted, and allowed myself to be influenced and controlled by him far more than I ever should have.

     If I were the only person hurt by this, that would be one thing.

     But I involved many other people, as well.  Based on my trust in the BIRTH OF INNOCENCE film project, and in Lou Soteriou’s stated financial commitment to it, I asked people to loan me money for the film, while agreeing to Lou’s stipulations, including that all information about his role remain confidential and undisclosed.  This was wrong and unfair to people, and the finances of this arrangement poorly conceived.

     I accept full responsibility for my poor choices, and I am deeply sorry for the impact on the good people involved.  These are my friends, my family, my neighbors, my community, and I care about each one of them.  I worked with tremendous effort and sincerity on this project for ten years.  I have always been, and remain, fully committed to seeing that every lender is repaid.

     I want to acknowledge my mistakes.  And I am fully committed to making every effort I can to set this right.  I am a writer and a storyteller, and I am developing creative projects—without seeking to raise any funds—in an effort to repay lenders.

     We are currently marketing my new novel, RARE EARTH, online (  The majority of any revenue received from the sale of the book will go into a fund to repay lenders.   It is book one in a trilogy about life in a Vermont community.

     The film, BIRTH OF INNOCENCE, is nearly finished, and I will do all I can, within the constraints of this situation, to successfully complete and market it.

     I intended for this project to be a benefit and a positive experience for everyone involved.  Sadly, it has become a hardship and a violation of the trust of the many good people who believed in the project.  

     The best I know how to do under the circumstances is to acknowledge my mistakes, to apologize, ask forgiveness, and to work every day toward making this right.

Mac Parker 
March 16, 2012

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